Artists are the people with imagination; some people can relate and appreciate their imagination while some others don’t understand it. But those are the artists only who make objects look beautiful and give worthless nonliving things meaning. Many find their creation weird but they can’t stop looking at it also. It is also a fact that weird things are more influential than usual. If you think that you are also an artist but not got enough chances to show your imagination then you must showcase it yourself on the things you got. Anyway in this context you can reflect your imagination in the décor of your house. Prove that you are also an artist. Have the appreciation that you deserve. Here are some ideas to motivate you:

Draw long murals – Most of the murals cover only one wall but to be more creative, you can paint two or three walls of the room. Paint in such a manner that no one can relate painting on one wall to other wall(s). For example, you can draw caterpillar on the walls or vine on the three walls. The motive is to cover all the walls with the same thing.

Draw a comic character – If you love some of the comic characters then you can also draw it. It would be easier as you must be having the comic for that. You can draw the same picture on the wall. But keep in mind to cover the whole wall with your drawing. If you don’t cover then it will be weird but not in a good way. It will be better to begin with measuring the wall so that everything can be drawn in ratio.

Make good use of photo frames – If you are a person who has received too many photo frames as the gift then you can use it in a better way to decorate your house. There is no benefit of keeping them packed in your storeroom. You can put photos in those frames and arrange them in a pattern on the wall of your house. You can arrange them in some character or figure. It depends on the number of frames that you have. If you have a lot of them then you can cover the whole wall with them.

Make use of your emotions – If you have something very close to your heart then you can use your emotions associated with it to make it a décor of your house. Emotions give rise to the imagination, use it in a better. For example, if you have a bike that you no longer use then you can hang it on the wall and with wooden planks make a rectangular or square frame around it. You can also hang photos associated with it around it.

Bring nature inside your home – If you love nature then you can bring some climbing plants in your house. Imagine the shape you want to it grow. Then, nail and clip the plant accordingly. It is something different that will look nice.